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Thursday, 24 February 2011

My dog savaged - WARNING horrible pics in this post!!


(edited I moved nice pic to the top, just realised some people have thumbnail of pics,)

Ok I have thought long and hard(for a week) about doing this post as I did not want to write it while I was so angry.

My dog Max was nearly killed last Wednesday while going for his evening walk by 2 dogs that charged out from a house (the front door was left open) and proceeded to lock onto his neck and basically tried to rip him apart. My poor husband had to witness this attack which lasted for at least five minutes whilst trying desperately to save him. These dogs had no collar to grab,nothing! We are very thankful to 2 of our friends who heard the screams (of dog and husband)and had no hesitation in helping. Below are some pictures of the result of this attack and the reason for my post is in the hope that a few people will sign the below petition to replace the current dangerous dogs act.

The owners of course have taken no responsibility, have not apologised, have shown no concern what so ever for Max and have not offered to pay anything towards the vet bill which is now just short of £1000.00 and is ongoing. Max has suffered major surgery, the pain and stress which has followed has been almost unbearable for him.

Please please take about 2 minutes to read and sign the below petition(link) if you agree.

thank you


Anonymous said...


I am horrified by this, your poor poor dog, just wanna come an give him a gentle hug, can't imagine what your husband must have gone through to save your dog, one hell of a man, thats all i can say..

Thanks for sharing, i mean that in a good way too!!!

Love to you all, especially the pooch..

Huggies Angel

heidy said...

Oh Karen,this is so sad,I don't know what to say sweety,this is breaking my heart,poor poor Max,you and your family must go to hell,I understand that you are so angry
My thoughts are with you and your family,and I hope Max recovery is going wellGivehim a big hug from me
XXX Heidy

♥Gemma♥ said...

This soooo upsetting......I'm so sorry to see your dog had to go through such horrendous ordeal hunni, hope he heals very fast and back to his normal self!!
Cant you get the owners prosecuted or something for not being responsible im a staffie dog owner and a responsible one at that as whenever we take our dog out he is muzzled, never left unattended anywhere even in my front garden.....then your protected and the public too as you never know.
I know my dog has never bitten anyone and is a well behaved dog but i still wouldn't take that chance as it only takes one time for you to take your eye off the ball and then there's devastation!!
Sorry for waffling on hunni but i hate to see things like this happen and cant see why people have to be so irresponsible!

Sending ((((comforting hugs))))) and xxx

♥Gemma♥ said...

With all that fustration hunni.....i forgot to say hope you hubby is ok, specially after seeing such an horrible scene!!

hugs and xxx

Lisa xx said...

Oh Karen, I am horrified to see what has happened to your poor Max, I hope that the healing process will be a speedy one for him, sending hugs to yourself and your family. I will, of course, go sign the petition. xx

Jennifer said...

OMG...sending hugs. Poor little thing. I hope he is able to recover both mentally & physically really soon.xx Jenny xx

McCrafty's Cards said...

I am Horrified to what has happened to your poor dog, I do hope he will recover, I have signed the petition. my thoughts are with you all.
Kevin xx

Larisa said...

Karen, what a horror's world we are in. I am sorry for your Dog. The animals are suffering the first from the people's agressive mode of life.
I wish your Dog to get well sooner. My heart is broken with these photos. And my eyes are wet...
hugs. Luck! Larisa. xxx

Suzanne said...

Karen, this is absolutely awful. I really hope Max has a full recovery and that your husband recovers too. I have signed the petition. I hope you have involved the police because, these dogs, need to be removed before any other damage is done. xx

Chris said...

I am so sorry for what you have had to go through I have signed the petition and gentle hugs to Max and my thoughts to you both. thes dogs should be banned totally and the owners should be thrown in prison
Chris xx

Teresa said...

Your poor dog, I feel so sorry for him, hope he recovers quickly, I have signed the petition. Hugs Teresa xx

Paula said...

That is terrible. I hope you are all ok. I will happily sign the petition.

Big hugs

Paula. x

Anonymous said...


Are the police or the RSPCA not going to do anything about this. I am totally disgusted that something like this can happen.I hope that these other dogs get destroyed and there owners have or will be fined.

My heart is with you and your family and of course lots of love to max.
With Love
Leigh, and my 2 dogs Barney and Daisy Dollop

Jo Austin said...

Oh my good.. that is bloody ridiculous!!! How can they not accept any responsability. I would take it to the police if I were you.. they cannot get away with this!!

My sympathy's are with you and of course the little furbaby.. if anything happened like this to any of my three, I'd be absolutely mortified, so I know how you must be feeling.

With love,

Docrafts demonstrator in Doncaster. xx

chrissy said...

I have signed the petition hun.

I am horrified at the injuries your poor dog has endured.

I hope too that your OH is ok it must have been an horriffic thing to witness.

Big hugs all round and a big squidgy one for Max.


Jean said...

This is so appalling, your poor dog and Husband being witness to this terrible thing,but thankfully being able to save him. I really hope that Max will recover soon. Hugs to you all.
I will sign the petition.

love Jaycie x

mandy said...

Omg this is absolutely horrific. Poor Max, I have signed the petition. I hope he makes a full recovery xx

Amanda said...


I'm so sorry to hear about what's happened to Max. You must be devastated. Fingers crossed for a full recovery.

A friend's dog was savaged last year, and they found a similar lack of interest from the other dog's owner. However, they were advised that if they had been injured while saving their dog, the police would have taken action. So, if your husband or friends were hurt saving Max, take photos and make sure the police know. As you know where the dogs live, maybe your local councillor would help too?

Cuddles to Max.

Amanda x

~**Bashnee**~ said...

This is just so awful Karen, couldn't believe what I was seeing.......and the owners of the other dogs are getting away scott free, that makes me so mad, and very upset!!

Poor Max looks so traumatised I bet you all are. My thought are with you all, such a horrible time for you all.
I have signed the petition, lets just hope it does some good. I had a staffie (Sadly until 2 weeks ago) who wouldn't hurt a fly, but some people used to cross the road when they saw him, it's all down to the owners and how thet train their dogs.
Gentle hugs to Max and big hugs to the rest of you.
You know where we are if you need anything.
Sandra (Medway crafty buddy)

majsan said...

OMG! In Norway you could with the law on your side demand the dogs be killed..And they would have to pay for the vet as well...How is it possible for them to NOT take responsibility??
Hope everything goes well with you and your dog in the future :)
I have signed the petition :)

Viv said...

Your poor little dog,something really needs to be done to owners who allow this sort of thing ! hope Max recovers quickly, give him a gentle hug from me:O( Have signed the petition now too.
Viv xx

pickle said...

So sorry this has happened to your beautiful Max. Sending him gentle fusses.
I have signed the petition/passed it onto my contact and huuby will do the same.
Kerry x

KathR said...

OMG your poor little furbaby, not to mention your o/h must have been terrified, things like this shouldn't happen but unfortunately happens far more often than we realise, I have a Staffie and he is always kept on a lead and under control, I can't understand why some owners just don't seem to be bothered. I am sending Max gentle hugs and lots of love and wishes for a speedy recovery. Will sign petition as soon as....hugs Kath...
ps Neo send hugs to Max..

Maureen said...

I am so disgusted that this has happened to Max. I hope you have taken action against the owners as this is totally unacceptable as they do not have proper control of their dogs. Give Max a big hug from me and my 2 GSD's...........x

Jessica said...

It's horrific, just horrific. I'm so sorry that such a dreadful thing has happened to Max. Sending you all lots of love and hope it's not too long before Max is able to be himself again. Jxx

Ange J Lee said...

Very sad to read what you have had to endure...this is adreadful unprovoked attack that has caused much stress and pain to your dog, and you, and the onus should be totally on the owners, and brought to account for not having control over their dogs. We have recently heard of a serious attack on a dog walker & his dog on parkland by our house. Two English Bull terrier type were allowed to set on an innocent Huskie in an unprovoked attack, like yours. The owners just ignored the incident and walked off as the Huskie owner was also attacked and bitten quite severly. The Huskie has had over £1000 of operations and it's still uncertain whether he will survive. Not wanting to lessen the importance of this attack on your dog or the huskie attack...but I dread to think what would have happened in these instances had it been a child attacked!

I wish you well and hope Max gets through this dreadful ordeal...just because he IS a dog doesn't mean to say he won't be mentally affected by this and needs all the love, attention and encouragement to get through it all....which I have no doubt you will do.

Will go and sign your petition asap.

Best wishes....give Max a gentle hug for me!

Ange x

Louise said...

This is awful and I have been and signed petition. I have two dogs and currently my neighbour has a nasty dog and even the vet has told them it is not safe to have around humans or dogs but they think they can train it, it as bit my husband and I am scared for my kids all though it is locked behind a big gate.
Big Hugs to you all and hope your poor dog is better soon.
Louise xxx

Nikki said...

That's horrible if a dog did that here it would be put down, and the owners would have to pay a fine and cover the vet bills. I think people should be responsible for their pets. No pet deserves that what happens if it's a child next. I'd sue them for sure
May your puppy feel better soon :)
hugs Nikki

Emma said...

Oh Karen I am so sorry to hear about Max, it is just horrific...the poor little man.
I would certainly report it to the police and speak to a solicitor to see if there is anything you can do. These people must be held responsible. Like a few others I have a staffie who is daft as a brush but I never just let him roam, he is always on a harness or secured in the garden.
I wish Max well very soon and send him cuddles.
Hugs Emma x

Caroljenks said...

I read your post and went straight to sign the petition.

This is just awful - what an horrific thing to happen. I really hope you are able to get some justice somewhere!

Carol x

Annette said...

Hi Karen, I'm so sorry to see the pics and read what happened. I'm an animal lover and a pet owner and this breaks my heart. I can understand how upset you must be. I've just signed the petition and only hope we can stop something like this happening again. Hope Max is on the mend soon honey. Annette xx

mrs ann said...

This is outrageous; the owners of the dogs that did this should at the very least apologies!! Your poor poor dog! Needless to say I have signed. I hope Max recovers soon!x

maddy hill said...

this happened to my mums yorkshire terrier last month , ended up at the vets very ill - she is better now though... my daughter has a jack russel and in the space of 6 months - both her and her dog have been attacked 4 times - myself twice by owners who do not keep the dogs on the lead - it has terrified her dog and tramatised my daughter ( 22) to the point were she is frightened to go out with and without her dog .

On the third attack - that was a huge loose alsation and that bit through a sheepskin coat and as she let her little dog go to escape the alsation she nearly got run over by a car .. i heard the screams and cars screaching to stop - i ran to rescue both of them and grabbed them and shoved them in a strangers car that had had to stop.

We ended up buying this noise blaster from the vets ( like a rape alarm but for dogs )only some dogs get frightened by it - for others apparently it can make it worse ... so not sure whether to use it or not .

will definatly be signing your pettition !

maddy hill said...

p,s sorry i was so busy being annoyed at these people i forgot to say - i hope your dog recovers quickly xxxxx poor thing x

*Linda* said...

I am so glad to read your update that Max is recovering, healing well and wagging his tail again, always a good sign! I came across your story via the DC Forum and was horrified when I saw the pics of Max's injuries and couldn't help imagining my feelings if it was one of my dogs, it's sickening! Hope he continues to recover well and I have signed the petition prior to leaving this message
Take care, Linda x

cardmaking bird said...

OMG, I am so, so sorry for your poor precious dog. There really are some awful, irresponsible dog owners out there and not necessarily just of so-called 'dangerous dogs'. We had a dog killed locally only recently by another dog off the lead. I'm off to sign your petition. I sincerely hope that both Max (and your husband!) recover from their ordeal soon. Sending lots of love and hugs, Marie xx

Mel said...

I found your wee blog via Maddy and I just cant get over this!
I'm so sorry this has happened to your gorjuss lil puppy! He looks so sweet and loving! I know how exactly you feel as our dog has been attacked from another dog not on its lead when we were out walking! Its the most horribles thing and leaves you feeling so mad! Also bitter against other dogs and their owners! You wonder how they could live with themselves!
Keep us uptodate on wee Maxs progress!
Hugs and puppy kisses for you both!
Melly xxx

Chrissy said...

I can symphathise totally as it happened to my 'Harry" when he was only 3 months old, and the owner stood and laughed, now my dog is past rehab and hates any dog near him. Your poor poor dog, came off worse than mine though with his injuries....and what about dog laws where you live..have they not been put down..the owners not fined...My heart goes out to all of you,and a special hug to your poor dog Max.

Sarah said...

Awwww, bless your dog and you. I've come here from Maddy Hill's blog and have signed the petition and shared about the petition on Facebook too. This needs to be stopped and soon. Hope Max makes a great recovery xxx

Joanne Brown said...

Really sorry this has happened to your dog. It makes me so mad these people dont have to pay the vets bill. My neighbour had her cat attack by a dog that the man let into her garden for a laugh. He got told off by the police but he liked his dog to kill cats. So he still kept on letting the dog into peoples gardens. In the end the dog ripped a cat to pieces. The dog warden got the dog taken off him they are a great help but my neighbour is still left with a £435 vet bill as the police wont charge him. Hope your dog feels better soon.

Exclusively by Mel said...

Hi, Just found your blog.
Sending all my love to your Max. xxxx
The same thing happened to us. Our little Pom was attacked by a big dog of his lead. He picked our Benny up and shook him like a rag doll! He had horrific injuries. And the vet said his was very lucky to survive.
I was not there at the time thank god.
My Husband was walking Benny. And he said it happened so quickly.
So I can relate to what your going through xxx
Looking back I never thought he would, but Benny has made a complete recovery.
I know it's hard and your still angry, but try to keep positive for Max.
All my love to you all.

Anonymous said...

my gosch. this really upsets me. how is your dog doing now? is he ok? (so ok he now can be, just thinking also about the psycical pain). must really leave both fysical and psycical scars.
dont really now what to say. I just feel so sad and most often its humans fault. some people really shouldnt own animals, cause they dont now how to care for them.
Give your dog a big hug from me. and take care of yourselfs too. im so sorry this ever happened to you.