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Friday, 9 December 2011

Can anyone please help with commenting???????


I am pulling my hair out now with not being able to leave comments.  If you have a separate pop up box everything is ok and comments work fine but if its one where the whole post reloads with the comment box at the bottom I can't.  Blogger keeps asking me to choose a profile from the drop down box which is empty?

I have google chrome, the stay signed in box is unticked.  I have tried signing out on the page and signing back in but nothing works.

Everything was ok and it just suddenly started doing this been a week now, has anyone got any suggestions and is there any contact number for Blogger because I can't find one?

Any ideas would be most welcome and I am sorry if I have not left you a comment this week, its because I can't!!

thanks for poppin in


heidy said...

Oh hun,I wish I could help you!
XXX Heidy

cotnob said...

If you google 'blogger comments not working' there are quite a few links there, I don't know if any of them will help you.

Donna said...

I get this when I use IE Karen, but it's fine when I'm on Firefox :) x